Sierra Glass Block's Product Lines:
  • Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block
  • IBP Glass Walk Structural Glass Floors and Stairs
    (a Berkshire Hathaway Company)
  • Wedi Shower Pan and Wallboard Systems
  • Vinyl Wrap Glass Block Windows
  • Vinyl Stack Glass Block Spacing Systems
  • Insta-Curb Shower Components
  • Glass Block Layout Cards
  • Ready-4-Tile Glass Block Shower Kits
  • Acrylic Glass Block Shower Pans
  • Interstyle Style Cap Glass Tiles
  • FireGuard Glass Block Windows
Sierra Glass Block Patented Products:
  • Vinyl Wrap
  • Stack & Grout Systems
  • Insta-Curb • Glass Block Silicone
  • StyleCaps
  • Layout Cards
  • Ready 4 Tile custom Shower Pans
  • Tub replacement Acrylic Shower Pan
  • Sketchup Glass Block Library
  • FireGuard Fire Rated Windows
Glass Block Services:
  • Custom Glass Block Installation Service
  • Modular Glass Block Shower Walls
  • Custom Manufactured Ready-4-Tile Shower Pans
  • 3-D Cad Design Services
  • Custom Glass Floor and Stair Tread Installations
  • Custom Stack and Grout Glass Block Installation Kits
  • Custom Fabrication and Installation of Vinyl Wrap Windows
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